Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cherry Chocolate Kisses - delicious new kit!

Have you seen my newest kit?

a closer look

Yet another closer look

One last look at details. Shadows are for preview purposes only.

Serene and elegant, my beautiful kit floats in a palette of cherries and chocolate, a delicious digital smorgasbord of romance.

This kit includes

11 beautifully patterned and textured papers
1 slimline silver heart
1 double slimline silver heart set
2 scattered silver bling
1 wonderfully textured and richly colored flower
2 swirled hearts
1 large heart with folded corner
1 large journaling pad
various hardware
3 delicate rose petals
1 fabulous note holder
1 puzzle heart
1 row of stitching
1 chocolate string
2 tiny journaling tabs
1 stunning elegant word art with acrylic heart

Link to kit at Digitals


bj_ella said...

This is absolutely beautiful Michelle! Love your work!

eph2810 said...

That is awesome, Michelle!!!! Marvelous work...

Alyssa Solie said...

That's so pretty Michelle!! Fantastic job!!!