Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am pleased to announce my packs of scenic winter papers for those times when you have a lot to say or a stunning photo to show off.  Use these  snowy mountain papers as a backdrop, blend to your heart's content, the choice is yours.   I know you will make beautiful layouts with them!

The photos these papers are based on are taken in picturesque Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, yet they will be perfect for any of your winter/snowy layouts.  Wonderfully textured too!

All papers are created at 300ppi and are textured.  They have been quality checked and are of a very high standard.    Available in my store in either PU/S4H or as CU.  Bundles available to so you can save money!


AJ said...

What gorgeous snow-covered mountains Michelle! Did you take these pix yourself? Love them!

Michelle said...

I surely did take them myself, on a much needed break away from the quakes. Gorgeous scenery huh? You must come visit! LOL